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It's important your brand stands out amongst the crowd.



In todays world you need to stand out. Being 6'6 means I have stood out for most of my life...not always by choice. In advertising, it's a different story. You need someone who has the training, the creative talent, and the industry knowledge necessary to get you noticed and the type of results you and your brand deserve.

This frees you up to do what you do best – focusing on your business, service, product, or event. At Six Foot Six Creative you get agency level work with a personal touch. It's about building relationships along with great design to help you stand out in front of the crowd.




Building a brand can take time but most brands start with a strong logo. A logo is a very personal thing, it is important that it captures your business and mission. 


When developing a campaign it is important that you grab your customer and get your message across. It is also imperative that your message stay consistent so your customers will understand who you are and what you do. 



You only have one chance at a first impression. It's important to look good. From presentations to product brochures it should carry your brand message. A strong message needs strong design to help carry it the distance.


Web Design

Developing your brand for the web is a constantly moving target nowadays. Never has a medium moved so fast. Put a brand you can be proud of in front of your customers.




I have had a passion for art and design since I was young and that passion continues today. I miss when things were built by hand and craftsmanship took a front seat. After being a designer for more than 18 years I am still trying to bring that relationship with the craft and the client to the forefront.


No matter if they are big clients or small it’s all about the opportunity to be creative for me. I have battled the world of creativity taking on challenges from clients as big as Pizza Hut, Dr Pepper, Nokia and Serta to the littlest mom and pop store down the street.


I love to pull from all of my talents in illustration, interactive design, print design and logo development to create the most cohesive brand for clients. I call on all of these abilities to develop superior concepts, design and overall branding that has brought the clients and the agencies I have worked for numerous awards. ​

Over the years I have had the ability to work on just about everything you can in the design world and I still come back everyday. It's the satisfaction of finding the right solution for each client and creating long lasting relationships.

About Me


The Work
“Mark is one of the most exceptional professionals I had the pleasure of working with. He has a keen eye for detail, produces great work and approaches every project with energy and enthusiasm”
“Mark is amazing under pressure. He has a firm grasp on deadlines and has creativity coming out of his ears!”




“I have been impressed with his ability to exceed expectations on the most challenging assignments. Mark is a highly skilled designer in both print and web design and also brings strong writing and communication skills to the table.”





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